Bin Abdur Rahman family has a reputable history in the area, and trace back their roots to the pre-partition era. As natives of the area the settlement and land holding of the Bin Abdur Rahman family precedes the development of the Federal Capital itself. The business family associates its name and identity with (Late) Ch Abdur Rahman Advocate, one of the renowned and respectable figure. Being a widely-respected family and owing to their exemplary business ethics, Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt.) Ltd has evolved as one of the most respected business entity. At the time of inception of the business, the BAR family members set forth a clear vision and mission for the company. Owing to their illustrious status as one of the most respected business families, the management decided to build in to the company the same set of values which have been the corner stone of their success for many decades. Taking its roots from the deep cultural traditions and values of the family, Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd is poised to become a leader in world of construction and urban development.


Bin Abdur Rahman family has been associated with the construction and land development business for over a decade. In this field, the company has developed immense technical expertise of construction and project management.

Currently the company is undergoing the development of its flagship residential project, titled Rahman enclave. In this project, the company has developed the entire infrastructure of the almost 1000 Kanal project. From the Road infrastructure to the deployment of drainage systems, electrocution of the project, and the development of theme parks, and associated facilities.

In the oil marketing sector, Rahman Filling Stations are operation two petrol pumps along the Lehtrar Road and in recent past has operated CNG stations in the heart of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


“To be among the leaders in the Real Estate Industry integrating professionalism, expediency, quality, commitment and stability in every act we undertake and every service we rendered to our valued customers’ meantime developing lasting association for our employees and business partners.”


“Our mission is to welcome the challenges, overcome the barriers and deliver excellence in the entire world of real estate, property development, management and investment. Expanding the horizons and following the path of continuous growth by leveraging our capabilities, commitment and clear vision. We will provide highest standard of services and real estate development.”


The corporate values of Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd have their roots deep in the traditions of the family itself. As a reputed business family, the management of Bin Abdur Rahman prides itself for reflecting the long-standing traditions of their family in their corporate identity.

  • Professionalism & Excellence
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Commitment & Loyalty
  • Integrity, Transparency & Accountability
  • Customer Focus
  • Commitment to our Community